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Zendesk CSV for Dynamic Content

Learn the nuts and bolts of the special CSV format for Zendesk dynamic content containing multiple locales.

File Extensions .csv
API Extension zendesk_csv
Plural forms supported? No
Descriptions supported? No
Import Yes
Export Yes

Zendesk CSV is a CSV-based file type used to load localized dynamic data for Zendesk applications.

A Zendesk CSV typically has five fields for each line (title, default language, default text, locale-specific text, and variant status). Source and localized strings are placed in field 3 and 4. 

Generally, for a regular CSV file, it does not matter if you choose to place each field in double-quotes. However, for Zendesk CSV, it is recommended that you always double-quote your strings

Code Sample

"Title","Default language","Default text","English text","Variant status"
"boolean_key","German","--- true
","--- true
"key_with_description","German","Hier könnte eine Beschreibung stehen","Here could be a description' (At least in some formats)","Current"
"key_with_line-break","German","Diese Übersetzung hat
einen Zeilenumbruch.","This translations contains
a line-break.","Current"
"nested.deeply.key","German","Wow, dieser Schlüssel ist noch tiefer verschachtelt.","Wow, this key is nested even deeper.","Current"
"nested.key","German","Dieser Schlüssel ist innerhalb eines Namensraumes verschachtelt.","This key is nested inside a namespace.","Current"
"pluralized_key.one","German","Es wurde nur eine Pluralisierung gefunden.","Only one pluralization found.","Current"
"pluralized_key.other","German","Wow, du hast %s Pluralisierungen!","Wow, you have %s pluralizations!","Current"
"pluralized_key.zero","German","Du hast keine Pluralisierung.","You have no pluralization.","Current"
- erstes Item
- zweites Item
- first item
- second item
- third item
"simple_key","German","Einfacher Schlüssel, einfache Nachricht.","Simple key, simple message.","Current"
"unverified_key","German","Bitte verifizieren Sie diese Übersetzung","Please verify this translation. (In some formats we also export this status)","Current"

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