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Zapier Integration

Keep all stakeholders in the loop about localization projects! Easily customize updates that are automatically posted in the tool you use.

The Zapier Integration is available in our Enterprise plan. If you're currently on a lower plan but would like to use this feature, please get in touch with us or start a plan trial yourself

First steps

In order to use this integration you need both access to Phrase as well as a Zapier account. If you're new to Zapier, visit this introduction page  to learn how it works.

You can get stated via the Integrations tab in Phrase or visit Zapier's app explorer directly. 

Start creating a Zap and look out for Phrase.

Creating a Zap with Phrase

There's lots of clever ways to combine Phrase with Zapier's vast amount of useful applications. At the moment the Zapier Phrase app offers triggers for:

  • Job created
  • Job started
  • Job completed

Once logged into Zapier, click Make a Zap in your account and choose Phrase by searching for it. Zapier will guide you well through every single step, making the creation of a Zap a brease.

Check out how our Developer Elizabeth creates a Zap with the Slack app