What is Phrase?

Phrase is a platform for software translation management for any kind of software like mobile apps or web software.

What can I do with Phrase?

With Phrase you can…

  • Manage localization files online
  • Work on software localization projects with your team
  • Implement a smart localization workflow
  • Convert localization file formats
  • Add contextual information to translations
  • Order professional translations from humans

Who uses Phrase?

  • Product Teams who want to implement a seamless localization workflow
  • Developers who want to focus on programming instead of dealing with translation files
  • Translators who want to work on software localization data safely without bringing their own file editors or converting file formats

How does Phrase work?

Phrase is a platform that consists of four main components:

  • Translation Center
  • In-Context Editor
  • Api
  • Professional Translation Services

Translation Center

Translation Center is the central dashboard of your translation project. Designed for speed, easy to use and full of practical tools. Edit and convert localization files online. No installation, no software updates, no dependencies: Everything simply works in your browser.

In-Context Editor

How awesome would it be if translators could simply browse your website and edit text along the way? Our In-Context Editor offers just that. It provides translators with useful contextual information which improves overall translation quality.


Every process is slightly different. We offer a fully featured API that lets you integrate Phrase into your workflow. Continuous localization and agile translation can be simple.

Professional Translation Services

Phrase offers on-demand ordering of professional human translations. This enables our customers to continuously have every part of their projects translated.