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Supported platforms and formats

Phrase supports a huge variety of formats and technologies. You can translate web, desktop and mobile applications with Phrase.

Phrase supports localization for various different programming languages - such as Ruby, Java, SWIFT, ObjC, PHP, Python, JavaScript and many more.

Looking for even more file formats? Use Phrase in combination with our translation management system Memsource and expand your projects to more departments. Memsource supports .html, .psd, .indd, .pdf, .md, and many more. Learn more about Memsource file formats.

Phrase localization file formats

Android XML
XML String Resource files to use with Android mobile app localization.

Angular Translate
JSON format for use with angular-translate to localize AngularJS applications.

Application Resource Bundle (ARB) 

JSON based file format for localization of Flutter apps.

Chrome JSON Messages
Messages JSON format used to localize Chrome extensions.

Simple CSV files, fields separated by comma.

XML files for use as ResX in .NET applications.

EmberJS (Nested JSON)
Manage EmberJS locale files in PhraseApp

Episerver XML
Localization with XML files for Episerver platform.

Excel XLSX
Excel spreadsheet file format. You have to provide at least the key name column and one translation column. By default the content is assumed to start in the first row.

gettext Mo
Gettext Mo files for use with compiled sources.

gettext PO
PO files for use with gettext.

gettext POT
POT template files for use with gettext.

go-i18n JSON
Go i18n JSON format used by go-i18n library.

i18n-node-2 JSON
JSON format used by i18n-node-2 library, one of the most popular libraries to localize node applications.

JSON dialect used by i18next, one of the most popular libraries to localize js applications.

INI files.

iOS Localizable Strings
Localizable.strings files for iOS app localization.

iOS Localizable Stringsdict
Localizable.stringsdict files for iOS app localization.

Java Properties XML
Java properties XML files.

Java Properties
Java properties files with .properties file extension.

Microsoft Word-Documents DOCX

Microsoft Word documents.

Mozilla Properties
Mozilla Localization with properties files.

Nested JSON
JSON format with possible nested keys. Keys will be stored by separating levels with a dot ".". During export, all keys will be split again and rendered as nested JSON structure.

Objective-C/Cocoa Property List
Objective-C/Cocoa Property List.

PHP Array
Simple PHP array file.

Laravel/F3/Kohana Array
PHP localization file for use in Laravel/F3/Kohana PHP framework.

Play Framework Properties
Java Properties Files for use with Play Framework

Qt Phrase Book
Qt Phrase Book

Qt Translation Source
Qt Translation Source

React-Intl Nested JSON
JSON format with possible nested keys. Keys will be stored by separating levels with a dot ".". During export, all keys will be split again and rendered as nested JSON structure.

React-Intl Simple JSON
Manage React Intl locale files in PhraseApp

Ruby on Rails YAML
YAML file format for use with Ruby on Rails applications.

Simple JSON
Simple key-value based JSON format.

Symfony XLIFF
Symfony XLIFF files. Supporting keynames using resname attribute.

Symfony YAML
YAML files for use with Symfony.

Symfony 2 YAML
YAML files for use with Symfony 2.

Translation Memory eXchange TMX
Translation Memory eXchange TMX files.

Windows 8 Resource
Resources for Windows 8 applications.

Windows Phone ResX
XML files for use as ResX in Windows Phone applications.

XML Localization Interchange File Format

Zendesk CSV
Special CSV format for use with Zendesk Dynamic Content containing multiple locales.

Phrase In-Context Editor

The In-Context Editor can be integrated into almost every web based application. We offer out-of-the-box adapters for several common frameworks:

Ruby on Rails
AngularJS (angular-translate)

Besides the existing adapters we provide a comprehensive guide how to integrate the In-Context Editor into other web-based frameworks.

Missing your format?

We add new formats on a regular basis. If you don’t see the format you’re using in the list, contact us.

Memsource supported file formats

Memsource also supports document based file formats and makes a great addition to Phrase. Collaborate with other departments and business areas. Send and receive translations in file types most commonly used within your company. Learn more about Memsource.

  • .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .docm, .dotm, .rtf, .ppt, .pptx, .pot, .potx, .pptm, .potm, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx, .xlsm, .xltm
  • .asciidoc, .adoc, .asc
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides imported via Google Drive Connector are converted to MS Office format.
  • OpenOffice or LibreOffice documents (.odt, .ods, or .odp) are supported, but it is recommended to save them in MS Office formats before importing.
  • .htm, .html
  • .idml, .icml, .mif (version 8 and above only), .psd, .svg
  • .ttx (pre-segmented), .sdlxliff
  • .xml, .xhtm, .xhtml, Android .xml
  • .xliff (1.2),.xliff (2.0), .xliff for Drupal/WordPress, mqxliff (MemoQ xliff), tmx
  • .dita, .ditamap
  • .md, .markdown
  • .pdf
  • .catkeys, .csv, (Magento).csv, DocBook (.dbk), .desktop, (Mozilla).DTD, .epub, (Joomla).ini, .json, .arb (import as JSON), .lang, .Plist, .po, .properties, (Java).properties, .rc, .resx, .srt (Windows-1252), .strings, .sbv, .sub (SubViewer only), .ts, .txt, .vtt, .wiki, .yaml
  • .tag, .xtg
  • .zip