Analytics and statistics

How to keep track of the progress in your translation management process with analytics and statistics.

Analytics (previously Reports)

Phrase provides you with an overview of project-related analytics and statistics for you to always stay informed about the individual activities of your team members.

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The project section gives you a general overview of your entire project. Quickly get a grasp of your project’s dimension.  

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Language section give you an overview on the progress of each individual language. By selecting a specific tag you can see how specific key groups (e.g. for specific features) are progressing in the available languages.

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User Activity

The user activity section provides you with stats on a user base.

The word count for both words translated and words verified is based on the selected source translation. Numbers and symbols are counted as a word.

Note: Usually, the source language is the default source language of your project. However,  a translator can switch the language in the source language window and the word count used will be based on whatever is selected when the translation is saved.

Keys translated describes the number of translated keys. Please be aware that only new translations will be counted. Updates to already existing translations will not be counted again.

Keys verified simply described the number of verified keys.

Furthermore, you can click on details for each user in order to see their performance on each available language.

Translation Sources

In the extended statistics section of your Analytics tab (previously Reports tab) you’re be able to continuously track and optimize how automatic translation fits best in your individual translation process. If you solely want to portrait one or two sources, you can simply click on the legend items to make the graph exclude them. Click on a crossed-out item to make it visible again.