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Project Variables

Learn how to use project variables to store data for workflows, integrations and scripts directly in your Phrase project.

You can store bits of information and flags in project variables. Think of them as environment variables that live in Phrase and can be managed via the Translation Center and API. Integrations might use project variables to configure workflows or toggle certain behaviour.

Managing variables

Go to Projects > Project settings and open the “Variables” tab. You need admin privileges to manage project variables.

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Project variables have a name as the identifier and a value. We recommend naming them like environment variables, e.g. MY_VAR.

Variable names must be unique per project.

Project variables are also fully manageable via the  API.

Accessing variables

Variables are typically accessed in scripts via the API. Just like environment variables, the value of a project variable is represented as a string, so you might need to cast it accordingly (e.g. boolean, integer).