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Memsource Integration

Learn and how to translate Phrase content in Memsource with the dedicated Memsource Integration, allowing you to sync Jobs between the two platforms.

Get started

Visit the home base of the Job Sync via https://jobs.sync.phrase.com/ and login with your Phrase credentials. 

Subsequently, please add a new Sync via the "add sync" button to connect your Phrase project with an external service provider, in this case, Memsource.

Adding a sync is easy, simply fill out the information needed in the modal and hit the save button.

If the provided information is correct, you'll see the the new sync listed.

 After this setup, you can visit the Activity tab in the upper navigation bar. Every 5 minutes, the job sync checks for Job updates in the Phrase project you indicated and syncs them to Memsource. All target locales will be placed in separate jobs in Memsource.

Here you can track all the progress and status of your synced jobs. The External ID column indicated the ID of the respective Memsource project.

You can now go ahead and edit the translations in Memsource. All screenshots uploaded for the individual keys will be visible within Memsource.

In Memsource, the job status needs to be 100% in total, respectively, all jobs should be confirmed and completed in order for the Sync to import the content back into Phrase.

After that, you should see both in the Phrase job details as well as in the Job Sync activity, that the import has been successful.