Phrase in your terminal

You can use the Phrase Client to

Control everything via command line.

Besides managing your projects and locale files through Translation Center you can use the Phrase Client to manage your projects and translations from the command line.

The Phrase Client is available for all major platforms and lets you access all API endpoints as well as easily push and pull your locale files between your source code and Phrase.

Quick Start

This quick start will guide you through the basic steps to get up and running with the Phrase Client.

1. Install

Download and install the client for your platform. See our detailed installation guide for more information.

2. Init

Initialize your project by executing the init command. This lets you define your preferred locale file format, source files and more.

$ phraseapp init

3. Upload your locale files

Use the push command to upload your locale files:

$ phraseapp push

4. Download your locale files

Use the pull command to download the most recent locale files back into your project:

$ phraseapp pull

5. More

To see a list of all available commands, simply execute:

$ phraseapp

To see all supported options for a specific command, use the --help flag:

$ phraseapp locales list --help

When you push your translations after making changes to them, you may want to set the update_translations flag in your .phraseapp.yml. This will apply all changes you made locally to Phrase as well! Please make sure that you want the content in Phrase to be overwritten with your local changes when you use this flag!

See our detailed guides for in-depth instructions on how to use the Phrase Client:



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