Phrase Features

Get an overview of all of Phrase's features and how you can improve your Projects with them.

Integrate and Customize:

  • API Access: Adjust Phrase to your workflow by using our powerful API
  • Command Line Tool: Navigate your Phrase Projects and Translations quickly by using our CLI Tool
  • GitHub, Gitlab & Bitbucket Sync: Easily sync your Phrase projects with your GitHub or Bitbucket repository
  • Sketch Plugin: Sync your designs from Sketch with Phrase and integrate localization into your design process
  • Figma Plugin: Sync your designs from Figma with Phrase and integrate localization into your design process
  • Over the Air: Publish or update your app translations in real-time without waiting for the next deployment.
  • Webhook Integrations: Receive Phrase notifications in your chat tool (e.g. Slack), project management tool or via an external API by configuring Phrase Webhooks.
  • Email and In-App Notifications: Stay informed about relevant actions in your projects through customizable e-mail notifications.
  • User Roles and Access Control: Organize your localization team by assigning dedicated roles and access rights to team members according to projects and languages. 
  • 40+ File Formats: Choose from a huge variety of formats to export and import your translation files.
  • File Format and Syntax Validation: Eliminate broken language files through the built-in validation check when uploading files.
  • Libraries & Tools: Boost your workflow with our integrated tools and libraries.
  • 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA/MFA): Raise your security standards and include 2-Factor-Authentication in your Account via a 2FA Token or an OAuth access token.
  • Single Sign-On via SAML (SSO): Enable your team to access Phrase easily with a Single Sign-On. 
  • On-Premise Hosting: Run Phrase locally on your own data center behind your own firewall with our On-Premise version. 

Improve Translation Quality:

  • Translation Editor: Use our user-friendly surface to translate your keys and strings within Phrase and get useful metadata and assistance for translators.
  • In-Context Editor for Web: Translate your keys with maximum context. See in real-time how translations would look like on your website. 
  • Simple Review Workflow: New translations as well as translations for which the source content has changes are automatically marked as unverified. You can filter unverified translations and request verification for translations.
  • Advanced Review Workflow: Implement a workflow that requires content to be reviewed by assigned proofreaders.
  • Screenshots: Give translators the necessary context, by attaching screenshots to your translation keys. 
  • Machine Translation: Choose from our trusted Machine Translation providers and speed up your translation process by using our built in Machine Translation feature. 
  • Translation History: See all previous versions of a translation in the History tab of our Translation Editor and revert the previous state if needed. 
  • Smart Suggest: Speed up your translation work and improve the overall consistency with real-time suggestions.
  • Autopilot: Let Phrase translate new content automatically using Translation Memory and Machine Translation, or use the Autopilot to translate existing keys within seconds. 
  • Glossary: Define terms that are unique to your business or brand, so that they remain consistent throughout all languages and across all projects. 
  • Pluralization: Phrase knows about the pluralization rules of each language and can display the correct input fields needed for each language. 
  • ICU Message Format & Placeholders: Ensure translation syntax consistency and prevent broken ICU Messages in your localization files with the built in ICU Message Format support and placeholders. 
  • Character Limit: Define a character limit for individual keys, so that translators can find a wording that matches your requirements.
  • Checks: Improve overall translation quality by making sure that translators follow your Syntax Requirements.
  • Emojis: Keep Emoji Symbols in your localization files and work with them without any problems within Phrase. 

Boost Efficiency:

  • Assignable Jobs: Organize your translation tasks by assigning team members, providing briefings and setting due dates to each locale.
  • Translation Ordering: Order translations from one of our trusted language service providers in just a few clicks.
  • Comments and Mentioning: Communicate faster with your Team inside Phrase, instead of switching to other communication channels.
  • Activity Tracking: Monitor activity and filter according to users, events, or specific time intervals.
  • Search & Key Tagging: Add tags to keys for more refined tracking within your project. 
  • Reports/ Statistics: Stay informed about your team members' performance, including the amount of translated words, keys and much more.
  • Branching: Work on multiple releases and versions at the same time, just like in Git.
  • Mobile SDK statistics: Get valuable insights on your active app users and their app languages with our Mobile SDK statistics.