License renewal

How to renew a Phrase On-Premise license

Every Phrase On-Premise license has an expiration date and needs to be renewed after 12 months. This guide will show you how to renew your Phrase On-Premise license.

The process for license renewal is identical to the initial license setup: After purchasing a Phrase On-Premise license from our sales team, you need to provide the Phrase support team with a public GPG-key to encrypt the image and license file with. Also, you need to have an account at Docker Hub ( and provide the username to the Phrase support team.

We don't have the old public/private key anymore, can we still obtain a new license?

Yes, this is identical to the process of obtaining the initial license from Phrase. Just send your contact at Phrase your new public GPG-Key and the name of your Docker Hub user (in case it changed as well). The new license will be encrypted with the new key and can be decrypted before replacing the license on your docker host system.

How to renew a Phrase On-Premise license

The license renewal is fairly easy and just requires you to replace the old "phraseapp.lic" file with the new license file you obtained from your contact at Phrase.

Before copying the license file to the server, make sure to decrypt it with the private/public key you provided us with:

gpg phraseapp.lic.gpg

You can decrypt this file on any machine that holds the private/public key you provided us with, this does not need to happen on the Phrase On-Premise host system in your infrastructure.

Please copy the new license file to the same directory as the old one. How to do this and where it is actually located depends on your setup.

1. Finding the current Phrase On-Premise container

A license renewal will not change anything inside of the Phrase On-Premise docker image, but to be extra safe we always recommend doing a backup before shutting down the container.

Use docker to find the Phrase On-Premise container:

$ docker ps

The output will show a list of running containers on your system, look for the one labeled with "phraseapp / on-premise" or similar. This can differ between versions, but the term "phrase" or "phraseapp" will be included in the image name.

2. Turning off the current Phrase On-Premise container

Before each line, you will see a "container id". Copy the container ID of the Phrase On-Premise container.

Use "docker stop" to shut down the current container (create a backup before doing this):

$ docker stop <container id>

Use "docker ps" to check if the container shut down.

3. Starting Phrase On-Premise with the new license

Since the Phrase On-Premise container does not keep any state, you can safely start the new container with the same command used in the initial setup of Phrase On-Premise:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -i -t --env-file phraseapp.env \
   -v $HOME/phraseapp.lic:/app/phraseapp-enterprise.lic \
   phraseapp/on-premise:<version> # (e.g. phraseapp/on-premise:3.6.1)

Please modify the command to match your current setup (e.g. enter previously used version and update paths if they are different)

Phrase On-Premise should now use the new license and work as expected.