Language access

Language access makes managing your translator’s access rights fast, easy, and efficient. A short how-to.

Introducing Language access

The Language access feature is a fast and efficient way to manage your translators’ access to their projects’ languages. While managers, developers, and designers have access to all languages by default, translators' individual Language access can be defined in their profile or when inviting them to your organization. The languages assigned through Language access apply to all of the translator’s projects, making adding new translators faster and easier than ever. If a project requires more granular access (e.g. if you have multiple languages using the same iso locale code), you can overwrite a translator's access on the project level.

Checking your Language access

Translators can view their assigned languages by going to their profile settings and clicking on Open my profile. The dashboard there also provides an overview of the translator’s teams and projects.

language overview

Setting a translator’s Language access

A translator’s Language access can be set when first inviting them to your organization, or, if they are already a member, through the People section

When inviting a new translator, their Language access can be set through the Invitation settings: 

invite user

If the translator is already a member of your organization, their Language access (among roles, projects, and teams) can be set/edited by going to the People section, clicking the cogwheel next to their username and then clicking Edit next to Language access:

language access-1

Overwriting access on the project level

You can overwrite the default language access on the project level in case a translator should have different permissions for it. To do so just access your project and navigate to the user management section there.

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 14.43.52

You can find the language drop-down next to the user role and select or de-select languages for the translator.

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 14.32.27