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JIRA Integration

Learn how to create Jira tickets with Phrase translation Jobs and how to send Job updates to existing Jira tickets.

The Jira Integration is available in our Advanced plan. If you're currently on a lower plan but would like to use this feature, please get in touch with us or start a plan trial yourself

First steps

Make sure you have a Jira account with at least one active project and board.

Set up the Jira Integration

Go to the Phrase integrations tab and click on Configure next to to the Jira Integration entry.

Click Accept in order to authorize Phrase creating issues in your Jira project. 

You will land on the Jira integration's configuration page, where you can finalize your setup.

Create Jira tickets

Select the Jira project so the integration knows where to place the upcoming tickets. Choose a Phrase project, in which the Jobs reside, you want to connect here. 

You have the choice to let Phrase automatically create a Jira ticket, every time a Job is created OR started. Furthermore, you can select if you want the translations and/or the reviews of your Jobs to be considered for this integration.

Because the generated Jira tickets are based on translation or review Jobs, in order for these tickets to be created, at least one translator or reviewer should be assigned to the Phrase job.

This is what the Jira ticket, that has been created based on a Job creation, could look like this:

Job Updates for existing Jira tickets

If you already have an existing Jira ticket (issue) you can still receive Phrase job updates on it. Simply copy the ticket URL and go create a Job in Phrase.

If you've enabled the Jira integration, you can see two URL input fields in the bottom left corner of the Job Details. 

  • URL for Jira Issue for Translating (if already created)
    • If you have a separate Jira issue for translation tasks, this is where you would need to input its URL 
  • URL for Jira Issue for Reviewing (if already created)
    • If you have a separate Jira issue for review tasks, this is where you would need to input its URL 

If you have one Jira ticket for both translation and review tasks, you can simply input this one URL in both input fields. All status for this Job will now be synced to the corresponding ticket(s).

Sync comments from Phrase

If you're commenting on a Phrase Job, this comment will automatically appear directly in the respective Jira ticket, which can look like this:

Status updates for Phrase Jobs

You can get notified of started and finished translation jobs directly in Jira. After you connect your translation jobs in Phrase with a Jira ticket you can receive automatic updates on the status of your translation, review or Job in general. This way you can keep both platforms up to date without the hassle of manually posting comments.

Whenever there's an update on the Phrase Job, you're able to see it as a comment on the connected Jira ticket.


You create a Job, we automatically create a Jira ticket for this Job and put it at the bottom of your Backlog.  You will be notified in the comment section of this ticket when:

  • The Job has started
  • The translations for this Job have been marked as completed  
  • The reviews for this Job have been marked as completed  
  • The Job has been marked as completed



Will the status of my Phrase Job automatically update in my ticket?


I need to fill out required custom fields for my Jira ticket, will that impact the Jira integration?

Yes, if you do have required custom fields in your Jira tickets, you cannot use the Phrase Jira integration for creating Jira tickets. You would need to create the ticket in Jira first, and then paste the URL in the Phrase Job draft.