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Learn how to manage INI format in Phrase.

File Extensions .ini
API Extension ini
Import Yes
Export Yes
Pluralization supported? No
Descriptions supported? No

Code Sample

boolean_key = --- true\n
empty_string_translation =
key_with_description = Check it out! This key has a description! (At least in some formats)
null_translation =  
pluralized_key.one = Only one kitten found.
pluralized_key.other = Wow, you have %s kittens!
pluralized_key.zero = You have no kittens.
sample_collection = ---\n- first item\n- second item\n- third item\n
simple_key = Simple key, simple message, so simple.
unverified_key = This translation is not yet verified and waits for it. (In some formats we also export this status)

key_with_line-break = This translations contains\na line-break.

deeply.key = Wow, this key is nested even deeper.
key = This key is nested inside a namespace.