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gettext-compiled MO files

What is a gettext-compiled MO file and how does it work for localization?

File Extensions .mo
API Extension gettext_mo
Format Options No
Import No
Export Yes
Pluralization supported? Yes
Descriptions supported? Yes

GNU gettext is a standard library for streamlining localization and internationalization. It extracts strings from your source code, creates editable localization formats, and integrates the translated content back into the software.

How gettext functions

Normally, with a proper configuration, gettext generates either a POT (portable object template) or a PO (portable object), both of which contain strings extracted from the source code. These two files can be opened using a text editor. After the translation is done, gettext will convert the PO into a MO file (machine object file) that is only readable to the computer. 

Phrase supports the translation of both POT and PO but also MO files. 

Code Sample

No example. Some compiled code.

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