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Excel XLSX

Everything you need to know about translating Excel XLSX spreadsheets and how to handle them in Phrase.

File Extensions .xlsx
API Extension xlsx
Import Yes
Export Yes
Pluralization supported? Yes
Descriptions supported? Yes

Excel XLSX is a widely-used file format for localization. Though the layout of an XLSX file may differ based on specific settings, it generally follows the one-column-per-language convention. To translate Excel XLSXs using Phrase, you need to provide at least the key name column and one translation column. By default, the content is assumed to start in the first row.


Locale Mapping

Identifier locale_mapping  
Type hash  
Upload Yes    
Download No      
Default [empty]  
Description Hash mapping each locale name to the column name it is contained in.

Format Options 

Key name column

Identifier key_name_column  
Type string  
Upload Yes      
Download No
Default [empty]
Description Column that contains the key name/identification.

Comment column 

Identifier comment_column  
Type string  
Upload Yes    
Download No    
Default [empty]
Description Column that contains comment/description for a key.

Tag column

Identifier tag_column
Type string  
Upload Yes  
Download No    
Default [empty]
Description Index of the column containing a tag for the key. 

First content row 

Identifier first_content_row
Type integer  
Upload Yes    
Download No
Default 1
Description Index of first row to contain translation content.

Enable pluralization

Identifier enable_pluralization  
Type boolean  
Upload Yes
Download No
Default true  
Description Enables detection of pluralized keys. All matching keys will be persisted as pluralized keys.

Export tags

Identifier export_tags
Type boolean
Upload No    
Download Yes    
Default false 
Description Exports tags along with keys and translations.

Code Sample 

.| A (Key name)| B (English) | C (German)   | D (Comment)           
1| app_title   | My Project  | Mein Projekt | This is the main title  
2| greeting    | Hi 'User'!  | Hallo 'User'!| Be polite              
3| ...         |  ...        |  ...         |  ...

Configuration example

An example for the push section in your .phraseapp.yml for XLSX files.

        - file: "./en.xlsx"
              file_format: xlsx
              update_translations: true
                  key_name_column: A
                  comment_column: C
                  first_content_row: 2
                  tag_column: D
                  en: B


This format uses named categories to identify the different pluralizations of a key. The following categories are reserved for pluralization:

.zero | .one | .two | .few | .many | .other

Example key names:

This way pluralized keys can be identified, persisted and marked accordingly.
Learn more about pluralization?