Cross-Project Search

How to find keys and translations across all projects in your account.

You can use Cross-Project Search to easily look for a certain key or translation across all projects in your account.

The search can be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of your account dashboard.

By default, your search will be across all available languages, but you can narrow it down to a specific language through the drop-down next to the search-bar if required. You will see the 10 best matches in a drop-down and see all matches once you select Show All at the bottom.

The results will show you:

  • The key name
  • The translation content for that key
  • The name of the project the key is located in
  • The branch of the project the key is in (if you're using our Branching feature)
  • The language the translation was found in

You can then click the View button to access the key in the Translation Editor.