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Application Resource Bundle (ARB)

How does Phrase handle the ARB format used in localization of Flutter apps?

File Extensions .arb
API Extension arb
Import Yes
Export Yes
Pluralization support Yes
Description support Yes
Format Options No


The Application Resource Bundle (.arb) is a file format for localization based on JSON. The resource entries are encoded as JSON objects. Each object consists of a resource key with an optional attribute.

ARB files are used for the localization of apps built with Google's Mobile App SDK called Flutter. 

Code Sample

"@@locale": "en_US", "title_bar": "My Cool Home",
"@title_bar": {
"type": "text",
"description": "Page title."
}, "MSG_OK": "Everything works fine.", "FOO_123": "Your pending cost is {COST}",
"@FOO_123": {
"type": "text",
"description": "balance statement."
}, "selectedRowCountTitleZero": "No items selected",
"selectedRowCountTitleOne": "1 item selected",
"selectedRowCountTitleOther": "$selectedRowCount items selected",
"@selectedRowCountTitle": {
"plural": "selectedRowCount"

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