Advanced Review Workflow

The Advanced Review Workflow for your translation process helps to assure transparency and make sure you always have proofread translations.

What exactly is the Advanced Review Workflow?

With the Advanced Review workflow (available for Advanced & Enterprise plans) being activated, every translation has to undergo the following states:

>  Translated  >  Reviewed

Every new key needs to be initially translated by a translator, afterwards a review (by a user with review rights) is required. They can then mark the translation as “reviewed”. Now the key is ready for being pushed to production.

Whenever a reviewed translation is changed, it needs to be reviewed again.

If there is a change to the main language, translations in other languages might need to be updated as well. Therefore a change to a translation in the main language will set the status of all other languages to “unverified”. A translator can check if the translation is still ok or if it needs to be adjusted. If it is only a minor change (e.g. adding in missing punctuation) and the other languages should not be affected, don’t forget to mark it as “Minor change” right next to the save button.

Download only reviewed keys/Versioning

When the source copy of a key is updated it usually requires a review of all translations associated with that key. To make sure that no unfinished/unreviewed copy ends up in your downloaded files, with the Advanced Review Workflow you get an extra download option to download only reviewed keys. This will do the following:

  • Include only reviewed translations in your downloaded file(s)
  • If a translation is currently not in Reviewed state, this functionality will download the last reviewed version of that translation instead

Please note that if a translation was never set to Reviewed before, it would be excluded from the downloaded file.

Who is allowed to review translations?

Users with Admin, Project Manager or Developer accounts are always allowed to mark translations as reviewed. Translator accounts need to be granted this right separately.

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How do I activate the advanced review workflow?

The advanced review workflow can be activated per project in the Project Settings:

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Assigning Reviewers to a job

The advanced review workflow gets especially powerful when using the Phrase Jobs Feature. In the jobs section, you can select who is supposed to do the translations as well as who is in charge of the reviewing.

Everyone who is given a task will be notified via email about their assignment.

While a job is active, the status of the progress can be seen on the jobs overview page.

Notifications in a review job

When the translator starts working on a job, the reviewer gets a notification, so that they can start right away. Another notification is sent to the reviewer as soon as the translation job was marked as completed by the translator.