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Organization Management (previously Accounts)

All Phrase projects belong to a specific organization, which also holds a subscription & a team of people.

Organization Management

All Phrase projects belong to a specific organization, which also holds a subscription, and a team of people.

Switch between organizations

If you’re a member in more than one organization, you can switch between these organizations (previously Accounts) under the tab Your Company on the upper right.

To visit the details of the organization currently selected, click the “Organization” link in the navigation (previously Account Details).

Create a new organization

You can create as many organizations as you want in order to work in Phrase. To create a new organization, go to the organization management section (“My Organizations”) and click “Create Organization”.

Please note that all organizations need their own subscription after the trial expires, since organizations are not connected among each other.

Delete an organization

Only the Owner can delete an existing organization. To delete an organization, switch to the one you want to delete, and visit the organization page. On the bottom of the page, click “Delete Organization” and confirm the action. The organization will be deleted immediately.

Please note that deleting an organization will also delete all its projects including translations, as well as cancel all attached subscriptions effective immediately. Be sure to back up all data you want to keep before deleting an organization.