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Access Tokens

Learn how to generate Phrase Access Tokens, how they work, and how to use them.

You can use Access Tokens to access the API without providing your username and password. They take the place of your login data when accessing the API. Based on the privileges granted with a given Token, you can perform specific actions within the API.

Generate an Access Token

To generate an Access Token, open the user profile menu in the upper-right corner of Phrase. Then, select Access Tokens

Click Generate a Token. Fill in your purpose for using the token and the scope you want it to have. You can choose from a list of scopes to limit access using your Token.

Click Save to generate the Token. You’ll get a notification confirming that your Access Token was created. The Access Token you created will be visible in plain text so you can copy it directly. For security reasons, this will be the only time that you are able to see the plain text of your token. Copy it immediately and save it in a secure place. 

To change the name and scope of an Access Token after creating it, click its gear icon on the right. To delete an Access Token, click its trash icon (next to the gear icon). Deleting an Access Token will render it inoperable, so you won't be able to access the API using that token anymore. 

You can create as many Access Tokens as you need. All your Tokens will be listed in your Access Tokens menu, where you can view, edit and delete them.