The Figma Plugin is available for Phrase Lite, Pro and Exclusive plans. If you're currently on another plan but would like to use this feature, please get in touch with us or easily start a plan trial yourself.

Figma plugin

The Phrase Figma plugin allows you to send design content to your Phrase projects, directly from within Figma. Build a bridge between Product Design and Translation teams with our Figma integration. Create a more efficient process from end-to-end.

Install the plugin

You can find the Phrase Figma plugin in Figma's plugin browser.

Simply click install on the top right corner of the page. That's it.

Once installed, you can always access the plugin via the burger menu in the top left corner of Figma. It's right there among all your favortite plugins.


Connect Figma with Phrase

To get started, you have to connect Figma with Phrase. If you do not have access to Phrase yet, you need to be invited to your organization's account by someone with manager user rights. If your organization does not have a Phrase account yet, please start a free 14 days trial.

Connect via Email

Simply type in your Phrase account credentials and click on connect with Phrase.

Connect via Access token

In case you can't access Phrase via Email, easily connect to your account via user based Access token. 

1. Click Get token from Phrase to be redirected to the Phrase Access token page

2. In Phrase, click Generate Token

3. Go back to Figma, paste it in the input field and click Log in

Getting started

Alter you connected Figma with Phrase, you will be prompted with a micro onboarding. You can decide if you want your Figma layer names to be used as key names for Phrase automatically. You can change this in the settings later on any time.

You can now start selecting the layers you want to send to your Phrase project.

Prepare your design content

Your selection will appear in the content-key-table, which allows you to properly assign the right translation key names to your layers. The plugin will make you aware if a layer has not yet been assigned a key name or tell you if there are any duplicate key names.

Click Next in order to select the Phrase project you want to push to.

Push content from Figma to Phrase

You can select from the list of projects you have access to and the respective languages you can push content to. Send it to Phrase with the push of a button. Translators can then start their work right away.

If you're working both in Figma and Phrase, you have two choices at this point:

  1. Click Open in Phrase to open your latest upload directly in the Phrase Translation Editor
  2. Click Create a job in order to be redirect to a translation job draft directly in Phrase


Translate with the visual context of Frame screenshots

Give translators proper context with automatically attached screenshots. If you tick the box that says Upload screenshots before you push to Phrase, the plugin will also upload screenshots of the frames you have selected layers are on to Phrase.

Our plugin highlights exactly where each text element belongs. Increase your overall translation quality and reduce feedback loops.

Watch our Webinar on the Phrase Figma Plugin right here.



How can I pull my translations back to Figma?

The plugin does not yet support syncing translations back from Phrase to Figma. To receive a notification when this and other new features are available, please leave your email address in the bottom field on our Figma page.

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