The Projects Dashboard shows all Projects from one account that you have access to. It shows each Project's translation status progress, reflected by coloring and a percentage value.
If you are on our Pro Plan or higher, you also see the verification status of your content reflected there. 

The Header of your Projects Dashboards contains a search bar, where you can search for a Project within your account. With the Add Project Button you can add new Projects to your account.
With the view options you can choose how your Projects are displayed on your Dashboard. For this, you can choose between View as cards and View as list.
From the Dashboard, you can immediately access a Project's Dashboard or Locales tab or display display the Project ID (for API or PhraseApp CLI client requests). You can also add projects to your list of favorites (see below), access the Project Settings and Delete a Project.

Favorites & sorting

You can also sort all Projects after your preferences.  In the More section of each Project in your Dashboard, you can mark a Project as favorite. Your favorite Projects are listed on top of your Dashboard. This allows you to access frequently used Projects quicker.  You will only see your individual favorite projects on your Dashboard. You can add as many Projects as you like to your favorites and always remove them again. 

For sorting your remaining projects you have 2 options:

  • Sort by last update
  • Sort by name

Projects are sorted by last update per default. You can change this in the drop-down which is in the Header section of your Dashboard.

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