You can download the locale files from your project at any point and to any file format we support. For a complete list of available file formats see our format guide.

Download locale files

You can download files in the Translation Center, via API or via our command-line client.

In our Translation Center, you can navigate to the Locales tab to find a list of all locales used in your project. To download a single locale you can use the Download button. Alternatively, you can use the checkboxes on the left hand side to select multiple locales and use the Export button at the top to download in batch.

Download options


File format 

You can pick any of the available file formats. Depending on your selection you might have additional download options.


Include empty translations

If you select this option, the downloaded file will include empty translations. You will then have the option to select a fallback locale which will be used to fill empty translations.

Include translated keys

If you select this option the downloaded file will include translated keys. 

Include unverified translations

If you select this option the downloaded file will include unverified translations. For more information please see our article Verification and Proofreading


You can select tags to only include keys with that tag in your downloaded file or leave this part empty to download all keys from your project.




You can select that option to not strip NOTRANSLATE tags from translations. 


You can select the encoding for the file. Some formats can be downloaded with different encodings (e.g. UTF-16). If none can be selected it defaults to UTF-8.

Emoji Support

Enables emoji conversion. See our section Working with Emojis for further details.



How do I download a locale file?

See the above section Download Files.

How do I export a file that only includes keys that haven’t been translated yet?

When you download a locale make sure to only select the Include empty translations checkbox in the download options. This will download a file including only those keys that don’t have translations yet.

How do I fill empty translations with translations from another locale?

To fill empty translations for a locale with translations from another locale in your project make sure to select Include empty translations and select a fallback locale from the drop-down in the download options

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