Team & User Management

With Phrase you can invite as many users as you want to collaborate with you on your localization projects: Product managers, developers, translators or even community users.


When adding someone to your account, you can pick one of three roles:


  • Sees all projects and can change translations for all locales in a project
  • Can manage users and account settings
  • Recommended for users that should have full access to the account and all projects


  • Sees only assigned projects and can translate all locales in assigned projects
  • Can manage locale settings in assigned projects
  • Recommended for users with access limited to individual projects and no account administration


  • Sees only assigned projects 
  • Can upload files and screenshots
  • Recommended for users with access limited to individual projects responsible for key creation at the design stage (e.g. via Sketch)


  • Sees only assigned projects
  • Can read all locales in assigned projects but only translate assigned locales
  • Can upload files for assigned locales (if permission is given by Manager)
  • Recommended for users with access limited to specific locales and community users

Invite users to your account

To invite a colleague or collaborator to your account go to the User management section and click the Invite user button. Enter the person’s email address and select the desired role: Manager, Developer, Designer or Translator. Depending on the selected role, you can also define which projects and locales they can access.

The person will now receive an invitation via email and can join your account by following the included link.

You can see all outstanding invitations in the User management section and modify or revoke invitations. Once the invitee accepted an invitation you should instead update the permissions for this user directly.

Removing user from your account

Removing the user from the account will automatically remove the user from all assigned projects of that account. All references to this user however will still be visible so you will not lose any information or translation data.

Adding users to projects

To quickly add users to a specific project, just click the plus icon next to the project name. Select an existing member of your account or invite a new person to the project and define the person’s permissions - all in one step.

Changing the Master User

The owner of an account is called the Master User and cannot be deleted. To promote any other Manager user to be the new Master User, click Promote to Master next to the desired user within the User management section.


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