Working more efficiently with Tags

When adding new keys to your project on a regular basis, it can be quite difficult to track which keys belong to which feature or section of your project.

With Phrase, you can add multiple tags to your keys with meaningful labels and to always keep them well organized:

  • Add tags during an upload of new keys that belong to one feature
  • Group keys with the same tag to let translators know which keys should be translated first
  • Mark keys as “experimental” or “deprecated” before deleting them in the near future

Adding tags

You can introduce new tags to your project in various ways:

  • Add tags during upload: You can add one or multiple tags during file upload. These will automatically be added to all keys that are added (or updated) by the file you upload. If you upload a CSV or Excel XLSX file you can also add tags to keys via a separate column in the file. This allows you to assign tags to individual keys in a file. To do so, just select the Tags label for the column in the preview.
  • Add tags manually: You can add one or multiple tags by editing a single key in the key management panel or translation view.
  • Batch tagging: You can add one or multiple tags by selecting multiple keys in the Translation Editor and use the batch-tag option. You can also batch tag keys by selecting multiple keys in the key management panel and use the batch-tag option.
  • Add single tags: You can of course also add a tag in the tag management section without assigning them to keys yet.

Please note that the following characters are allowed as tag names:

  • letters
  • numbers
  • underscore
  • dash

Managing tags

You can manage the tags in your project under the Tags tab. You can search for them filter specific types (system or custom) and sort them in various ways. 

Searching for tags in the editor

In simple search mode you can search for tagged keys by using the tag: prefix keyword in the search bar. When you have just tagged your latest upload with the tag new-feature, simply type tag:new-feature into the search field to find all the keys of the latest upload. You can search for multiple tags at once by reusing the tag: keyword. For example: to find keys that are tagged with either  new-feature or admin (or both) you can use tag:new-feature tag:admin in the search bar.

In advanced search mode you can specify tags to be filtered for in the field with the label Tags. You can enter multiple tags here as well, simply separated by commas, for example new-feature,admin will show you keys with the tags new-feature and/or admin.

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