Phrase supports Emojis in localization files. Emojis are smiley-like symbols that are supported by the UTF-8 encoding and often used when localizing mobile applications.

Uploading and Downloading translations that contain Emojis

In order to use Emojis natively in Phrase you will have to mark the check box “Emoji Support” when uploading or downloading files that include Emojis. This will make uploads and downloads a little slower since data has to be converted so make sure to only use the option when absolutely necessary.

What happens when uploading a file that contains Emojis?

During upload we will convert Emoji symbols to their matching Emoji placeholders. So the Emoji showing a smiling face will be converted to the string : smile : . This lets you work with Emojis without problems and even highlight Emoji symbols when activating the Emoji-placeholder syntax for the project.

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